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for the crypto industry.

An effective tool for the development of exchange crypto trading with automated programs.

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Brix Traders is

A multitasking crypto trading solution with effective optimization of trading and arbitrage programs allowing you to delegate traders' tasks for the most profitable trades.

Efficient management of trading bots with the help of experienced traders.

Multitasking arbitrage bots allowing you to effectively collaborate with dozens of exchanges simultaneously.

Continuous analysis of market data for integrated solutions with modular systems and optimization.

Brix Traders services

Effective collaboration with Brix Traders

Active Wallet.
Active Wallet.

All transactions are made through your own account registered with BrixTrade. This is your own and unique account, where you personally decide how many assets will cooperate with the company.

Internal Integration
Internal Integration

All actions with trading and arbitrage bots are carried out by experienced traders for effective cooperation and maximum benefit for both parties.

Secure Collaboration.
Secure Collaboration.

All client assets cooperate with the most fundamental and global exchanges, thus Brix Trade allows the activity of assets at the highest level of operational security.

Stable Assets.
Stable Assets.

All assets to which Brix Trade bots are connected receive guaranteed interest rates and instant accrual according to which the company's systems are connected.

Asset insurance
Asset insurance

All assets as well as access to transactions are carried out only with the consent of the customer. When Brix Trade bots are connected, the company is fully responsible for the accrual of interest as well as the full return of assets. All of the company's assets are insured through a cash buffer that grows with each transaction.

Cooperation with each client.
Cooperation with each client.

We are always ready for a dialog and cooperation, so in our "contacts" section there are many ways to contact us and talk about any issues concerning the company and the client.

Brix Traders

Brix Traders is a unique programming language based on extensive experience in trading. Using the company's unique programs, traders increase the trading algorithm by hundreds of times. Such scripts allow to configure a full-fledged actual strategy for the period of work of this or that bot.

  • OKX
  • Huobi
  • Binance

Creating a strategy with arbitrage bots allows you to implement a strategy on a mass number of top exchanges, thereby increasing profitability and having a strategy with the lowest drawdowns. Example exchanges.


  • 2021September

    Development of our own trading and arbitrage bot

  • 2022January

    Launch of arbitrage and trading bot

  • 2022August

    Passed all tests with excellent marks can follow the following formula.

  • 2022September

    Company registration and investment attraction

  • 2022December

    Increasing income and Scaling up IT specialists to work with assets.

  • 2023March

    Obtaining stock trading license

  • 2023June

    45% revenue increase

  • 2023July

    Launch development of own stock exchange Brix Trade

  • 2023September

    Launching own stock exchange.

  • 2023November

    One hundred thousand active users

  • 2024April

    One million active users on the Brix Traders exchange.

Frequently asked questions

The company has a negative attitude towards creating multi-accounts on the platform. Therefore, in order to avoid blocking, we recommend not to create multi-accounts on the platform.
What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?
The minimum amount of investment on the platform is from $30. Minimum withdrawal amount from $5
Yes, you can add funds to your active deposit on the platform using the reinvest button in the details of the deposit. There are no time limits, the minimum reinvestment amount is from $1
Yes, the number of deposits on the platform is not limited. You can open any number of deposits.
The company does not charge for deposits and withdrawals. You only pay a network fee to withdraw the coin of your choice.
On what days are the accruals and at what time?
Accruals on active deposits take place on working days from Monday to Friday at 15-00 UK time.
How do I change my wallet, email, telegram, phone number?
You can change your active wallets in your profile settings. All other data can only be changed by contacting support.
What are the rules for the withdrawal?
Payments on the platform are in automatic mode, as a rule, the transaction arrives at your wallet within 3-5 minutes. But if the network is busy, the transaction may go a little longer. The official rules on the withdrawal of funds is up to 72 hours.
Can I change my mentor?
Yes, you can change mentors, as long as you and your partners do not have any active deposits.
Can I close my deposit early?
Yes you can close your deposit at any time. The amount of your deposit will be returned to your balance within 10 working days, the accrued profit on this deposit will be deducted from the amount of your deposit.
Can I transfer funds between accounts?
No. Transferring funds between accounts on the platform is not possible.
What happens when I close my deposit early?
In case of early closure of the deposit, the body is returned to the balance within 10 working days, the profit earned on this deposit is deducted.
How is the activation of the deposit and when is the first profit accrued?
The activation of the deposit is carried out on the day the deposit or reinvestment is opened until 11:00 p.m. London time, which is 02:00 Moscow time. The interest is accrued on the newly opened deposit or reinvestment on the next business day. On weekends no interest is accrued on the deposit.
If I opened a deposit or reinvested a deposit after 11:00 PM London, when will the first interest be accrued on the deposit?
If you opened a deposit or reinvested after 11:00 PM London time, 02:00 PM Moscow time, your deposit will be activated one day later, as it is opened the next working day, no interest is accrued on weekends.